Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas sign

Hello!  I wanted to share my first Christmas project of the season with you today. 

I have been looking at the projects on Pinterest and ran across a cute Christmas sign.  One of the things I love the most about Pinterest is it allows you to find things that are older and would otherwise be hidden. Check out the cute sign from The Winthrop Chronicles from 2012.

How to make a close enough copy!
(Side note: I picked up the majority of these items from Hobby Lobby.  I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies, brands or stores listed.  I just happen to shop there or like their products!)

First I gathered all my supplies:
Board -- foundation of sign
Christmas lights -- these are battery pack operated
Chip board word
Glitter -- extra fine
White acrylic paint
Mod Podge
Paint brush -- for paint and Mod Podge

Things I found out I needed
Double stick tape --  to attach word
Something to contain the glitter
Q-tips -- to paint the inside of the word
Paper plate -- to put paint on
Upholstery Nails -- To hook my lights on

First I painted my word white on the front and sides.  The back got a bit of paint but only when I was smoothing things down.

After the paint dried and my brush had been cleaned out and dried I applied Mod Podge to the top of the letter and poured glitter on it.  It worked wonderfully well.  I just lightly tapped it to knock off the excess but the majority of the glitter stuck!

Here is the finished word after it dried.

Then I realized I would need to attach everything to the board.  This is when I picked up some double stick removable poster tape and upholstery nails.  I decided to use the tape because I am hoping it will give me the option to change the word later to make it a year round sign.

I taped the word on cutting the tape to the right size to fit behind the letters without being seen.  The nails I just held up my lights to determine where they would go.  Then I nailed them in to hang the lights on and to wrap the cord around to hold the battery pack.  I ended up taping the battery pack to the board as well.

Here is the finished sign unlit.  I love the cute star lights!

Here is one where the lights are on.  The picture does not show how awesome it looks!  I only had my camera phone for pictures.

And here it is hanging in its new home in my crafting/studio space!

This was a super simple project that took about an hour to put together.  
What Christmas crafts are you working on?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter has officially arrived in Texas!  This morning as I left for work it was 12 degrees out and felt like 1 degree.  Crazy!

On Saturday before the cold snap we started picking up the pecans in our yard.  It look like it will be a bumper crop this year.  Here is what we had gathered in about 20 minutes.

On Sunday we had snow and it was the perfect time to hunker down and read! I also started some Christmas projects that I will share as soon as I finish them.  Here are some pictures of the lovely dusting of snow!

We have had so much moisture this year that the rocks on my house have snow and moss on them!

Keep warm!