Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Socks and Socks

This past weekend we made our annual visit to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. Do you remember last year how we took a class and dyed our own sock yarn? I did a post on it Here. When we were making plans for this year's festival I remembered we hadn't gotten around to knitting up our socks! I decided it was time to remedy that. Mandy isn't such a fan of knitting socks, but I could knit them all year! So I volunteered to knit her socks for her.
If you remember this is what the yarn looked like before being made into socks. I am sure you can  figure out who dyed what!
Here is my socks knitted . It is always so fun to see how striping yarn turns out! Becky was calling my yarn Watercolor, which made me think of a painting and Monet. So I googled him to get a bit of inspiration.
 I thought this pine cone stitch was very similar to water lilies and ripples on a pond. What do you think? Does it fit with my theme? 
Mandy wanted her socks to be knee socks, as tall as there was yarn for. I keep knitting until there was about four inches left.
I invented a new toe for these socks. The round toe is my favorite, but Mandy prefers a more square toe. Unfortunately, I don't like knitting the square toes Mandy usually knits. So I came up with my own way! It is kind of a cross between a rounded toe and a square toe. Mandy liked how they fit and they didn't drive me crazy knitting them!