Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Facelift!

 I know this is not really super crafty. But I am so Excited about this project!! I really wanted to do this a while ago, but had to hunt around for wallpaper/contact paper to use.
So here are the details-
That polka dot stuff in the back of the cupboard is contact paper from Big Lots. It isn't the greatest stuff, a bit thin. But it was a fun pattern, a bit retro and matched the bathroom color scheme! I have had my eye out for wallpaper, old or new for some time. It was just way over my budget, or didn't come in big enough pieces. I thought about painting a design on with a stencil or stamping or just painting it a fun color. But that never happened, which was a good thing! It took about ten minutes to put up. The shelves are permanently in place, so we just used three pieces of contact paper. The nice thing was the contact paper was the perfect size width wise. All we had to do was cut it to heigth. It helps immensely to have another pair of hands! It is also very helpful to use all those wallpaper tricks, like only peel a small part away at a time and smooth it bit by bit.
It is amazing how it brightens and opens up the cabinet! And the best part? I have a whole roll of it still! So I can do the cabinet in the new house and drawers and maybe a shelf? And the linen closet could match too!


  1. This is such a fun idea and perks up the cabinet!! You definitely need to do a linen closet too. Any tips for cutting the paper to match? Thats always my downfall...

    1. Hmmm..... Not much experiance with matching wallpaper. This project didn't require any, the paper was the perfect width! I would think it was a lot matching fabric when sewing.....