Monday, April 8, 2013

Art of Conversation

My latest find at an antique store, the title alone got me thinking about the electronic system of communication we use today. I think this book interested me because I stll rfse 2 get txts.
 My husband pointed this chapter out for me, I can't imagine why?

The Twelve Golden Rules
1. Avoid Unnecessary Details
2. Do Not Ask Question Number Two Until Number One Has Been Answered
3. Do Not Interrupt While Another Is Speaking
4. Do Not Contradict Another, Especially When The Subject Under Discussion Is Of a Trivial Importance
5. DO Not Do All The Talking; Give Your Tired Listener A Chance
6. Be Not Continually The Hero Of Your Own Story; And, On The Other Hand, Do Not Leave Your Story Without a Hero
7. Choose Subjects Of Mutual Interest
8. Be a Good Listener
9. Make Your Speech In Harmony With Your Surroundings
10. Do Not Exaggerate
11. Indulge Occasionally In A Relevant Quotation But Do Not Garble It.
12. Cultivate Tact


  1. Becky sounds like a interesting book! I like rule #8!

  2. Now I am intrigued! Can I borrow it next?!

  3. I am delighted to have found your blog. Every post is something new . . . nothing boring here, right :) I have been having fun reading and seeing your cool and refreshing ideas. Like the way to colored your eggs, genius :)
    Let me take this opportunity to invite you over to follow me back. I have met the nicest people in blog-land.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)