Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Socks and Socks

This past weekend we made our annual visit to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. Do you remember last year how we took a class and dyed our own sock yarn? I did a post on it Here. When we were making plans for this year's festival I remembered we hadn't gotten around to knitting up our socks! I decided it was time to remedy that. Mandy isn't such a fan of knitting socks, but I could knit them all year! So I volunteered to knit her socks for her.
If you remember this is what the yarn looked like before being made into socks. I am sure you can  figure out who dyed what!
Here is my socks knitted . It is always so fun to see how striping yarn turns out! Becky was calling my yarn Watercolor, which made me think of a painting and Monet. So I googled him to get a bit of inspiration.
 I thought this pine cone stitch was very similar to water lilies and ripples on a pond. What do you think? Does it fit with my theme? 
Mandy wanted her socks to be knee socks, as tall as there was yarn for. I keep knitting until there was about four inches left.
I invented a new toe for these socks. The round toe is my favorite, but Mandy prefers a more square toe. Unfortunately, I don't like knitting the square toes Mandy usually knits. So I came up with my own way! It is kind of a cross between a rounded toe and a square toe. Mandy liked how they fit and they didn't drive me crazy knitting them!


  1. I just can't get over it. Those socks are amazing! Those pink and blue ones are heavenly! sigh.

  2. I even made Kevin come to the computer and look at those socks! If I ever made socks like that, I wouldn't let them be on anyone's feet - they'd be framed and on the wall!

  3. Lovely socks,Oh...I wish I knew how to knit or crochet, I'm not giving up, I'll start practicing knitting and crocheting again this year.


  4. Hello! I LOVE this blog. I it through Apron History. You all can be assured that I will most definitely visit again as I am adding you to my blog stalking .. um - I mean reading, list. Your projects are giving my lots of inspiration for the long Montana winter ahead of us.

    1. Thank you Mrs B! We love to craft and try to inspire eachother, sorry about the lack of postings this fall, we had a lot of stress in the family. We are now into a long Wisconsin winter, what better way to spend the time than crafting?

  5. I really do like the pinecone pattern you used for the watercolor socks, it "fits" very well!! I think you should so a tutorial on the rounded-square toe, it looks very attractive. Good job on getting your yarn knit up! Mine is still in a hank, not even wound yet...

  6. Please don't stop blogging, your stuff is beautiful and inspiring.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous socks and you even dyed the yarn yourself? It is amazing how the colors self stripe like's magic! I am slow going on my socks but hope to get faster. I do love sock knitting it's just "gifts" are looming on my horizon so the socks get put down way too often for my liking! LOL!