Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why isn't a Christmas Catus Called a Thanksgiving Catus?

Why are they called Christmas Cactus when they bloom at Thanksgiving??  I don't know but they are very pretty and I love them! I had two of them but one died on me.  But they are a nice bit of color in the winter. I love the red flowers and their shape. Don't you? 

Did you know that when the buds start forming you should not move it untill after it has bloomed, or else the buds will drop off and it won't bloom! It's a bit fussy that way! 

They love the east facing window in our house!


  1. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful! My nan had one when I was a child.

  2. I think you are just a true green thumb and your cactus loved you so much it bloomed early. They really are pretty, I think I would just kill one though...

    1. oh yes I do love them!I think if you give them a try you would too, I don't think you would kill them. I was wondering who else needed one.....