Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quick Knits

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I bought this magazine at Christmas time. I liked a lot of the patterns in it! I will share some of my favorites with you! “37 Fabulous patterns for wraps, socks,hats, and more!”
 Fresco Beaumont
I Love Love this one, going to knit myself one someday ! Have the yarn all picked out too!
There is also instructions for a  beanie version.
  Fluffy Mittens
I love the color pattern on them, my sister also likes them!
Grove Mittens
I had this pattern before and have knitted one mitten, just need to knit the other one now! 
Anchor Mittens
The age old mittens on the string! Did you have them when you were little? 



Avery Socks

 The classic red socks!

These look fun to knit, a little bit of ribbing and lace pattern.



Bohus Socks

These sock look like a simple Fair Isle socks to knit. 










Wavy Scarf

Looks fun !






Fresco Legwarmers

I like the stars on these!










Lace Tube Scarf

A nice cozy scarf.





Fresco Lace Cowl

I think you could wear it over your head like a hood.



Cozy Blanket

It does look like a cozy blanket! You make squares of Garter Ridge, Seed Stitch, Double Moss Stitch, Basketweave and Reversible Cable.




Sunshine Bag

Another Fair Isle pattern, I like color patterns can you tell?




Basketweave Blanket

Looks very easy to make, just knit and purl!





Paintbox Frog

He is to cute for words!
He is worked in Seed Stitch.






For Ravelry  users a link to the magazine.


  1. That's quite the list of projects! I'm really liking the leg warmers, maybe I need to move out of socks and into leg warmers....

    1. yes, you should Becky they are easier to knit no heels to turn!

  2. I like the lace cowl! And Becky that sounds like fun then you can knit long underwear!!