Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Puzzle


I don't usually buy old puzzles as they can smell musty and are always missing a piece... But this was in fine condition and was bundled up with a note claiming it had ALL the pieces and it smelled fresh and new!

Don't you love the picture? It looks like it would be a scene from a Nancy Drew book. I am guessing the puzzle is from the 50's from the look of the lady's hairstyle.

Here are all the pieces just waiting to be put together!!


I don't know how well you can see, but its a jigsaw puzzle and a lot of pieces are not interlocking, they simply rest together. Makes it a little more difficult, but the perfect thing to do inside when its cold and wintery out, the summery scene is also nice to think about.


  1. Yes, I do love scenes like that! So charming. Have fun, and don't let anyone bump into the puzzle. I think my patience level would be about a 100 pc. puzzle. lol

    1. I have to admit its been slower going than I thought, and I have bumped the pieces a thousand times already! I really like 500 piece puzzles then you can usually get them done the same day, there aren't many of those though. Especially darling vintage scenes like this.

  2. So cute sister! The scene is right out of a Nancy Drew. I love it.
    Sounds like a nice cozy wintery pastime!

  3. Oh a puzzle it looks like so much fun! I am amazed that someone could keep all the peices for so long. Our thanksgiving puzzle was missing a peice by the time we got it put together! lol :)