Sunday, June 9, 2013


Do you Rummage or do you actually go into people's Garage? Either way, finding a FIND as we say, is always exciting. I have to be in the mood to go out and scavenge for treasures. When we went with some friends of ours, we all came home with something, it was very exciting.

I think my favorite find for only two dollars was this set of Christmas glasses in their original box. They were in perfect shape and I thought not used more than once or twice but when I paid for them the sweet lady told me that she had many years out of them. I thanked her for not putting them in the dishwasher and ruining them. The lady also told me she got them from the old lady they bought their house from and she loved them too. I hope I can carry on the good care. I couldn't quite get the whole phrase "Designed for gracious living" in the picture. 

I love crochet and thought this was beautiful shape, it certainly looked vintage to me. I was so excited to have just the right tablecloth for my little living room side table. It wasn't until I got home and and put it out that I noticed someone had gone through all the work to put their initials in the center, then I turned it around and realized what it said! Too funny!! I love it anyway and there is usually something on the table covering up the middle.

This was my last find and it took me forever to decide if I really wanted it. I like it but have so many pieces of art not put up, I felt guilty buying another one. But the colors really go with my living room and there was something homey about the watercolors. The real test was if my Mom liked it, she has an innate sense of style and decor, it passed the test!


  1. Sister! I don't remember you telling me about these finds? Did I miss it?! Your glasses are super cute, so fun to have special Christmas glasses. I laughed so hard about your tablecloth, too funny that is has Baby on it. I wonder what it was made to go on? a bassinet? or pram?
    I love love your picture!! Very good buy. I have been on the look out for some nice pictures too. So far haven't found anything that shouted take me home!
    Thanks for posting!

    1. Hmm, I thought you had heard about these things...Maybe they were so good I was keeping them a secret! The baby tablecloth was really funny. I am very glad you like the picture, it was a real debate whether to bring it home or not. I am always unsure of art, its all wonderful because someone created it right? But will it ALL look good in MY house?

  2. Love your finds and I had a good laugh about the "BABY" part! The glasses are retro holiday. You did good!