Thursday, February 13, 2014

Introducing... North Woods Mittens!

 Mandy and I have been working on putting together our favorite mitten pattern to share! We are so excited to announce you can now download it from Ravelry!
These have been our favorite favorite mittens this year! Nothing like two layers of wool to keep you warm! I came up with this pattern several years ago when regular mittens were not keeping my hands warm  They are one of my favorite projects to knit! You could even use the pattern for a basic mitten in either worsted or fingering weight yarn.

Here you can see the inner mitten. 

Happy Knitting!!

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  1. I love these mittens! I haven't made them yet but I will! I've already downloaded the pattern...thank you so much for the "free" part! I've been looking for a nice standard mitten pattern and I think I just found it!