Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Birds in the Tree

Have you ever had a bird nest in your tree? 
We had when we where little.
 There was a Arborvitae tree near the corner of our house when we were growing up. 
We had many robins come and nest in that tree over the years.
  Mom would lift us up to peer in the tree to see the nest and eggs.     
We would get so excited!
Here is our tree that the birds nest in.

I think the excitement is still there!
Last year we had a robin nest in our tree right about eye level! 
I was so excited and took lots of pictures!
Two eggs in the nest.
Now there is four!

One has hatched!!

Can you see the holes in the egg next to it?
I think that one was going to hatch next!
I think there is one more egg in there somewhere?
They are getting bigger now! 
I think it is getting a bit crowded!
Can you see their beaks and little beady eyes?

The last one left, he didn't what to leave the nest! 
It took him the whole day to leave. We were so worried about him!

So this year we had another bird make a nest in the other side of the tree
 Here it is!  We didn't know what bird it was. 


After looking online and asking my Aunt about it.
I think it is a House Finch nest! 
You see the brown speckled egg?
Well, I also learned that is a Cow bird egg. 
So instead of House Finch baby birds, the Cow Bird hatched and all the other eggs didn't make it.
Yes, I was sad! But now I know and maybe next time I can do something about it! 


  1. I love the photos!! Isn't it fun to be able to watch the progress from egg to baby bird. We have a robin nest just under the eaves near our deck and got to see the baby robins, but suddenly, before they had a chance to experience flight, something got them. :-(((

    1. Thanks! I love watching them too!

  2. I love the color of the robins eggs, so vibrant! Even though it is sad about the house finch and cow bird eggs, that is a great picture.

  3. How fun! We have a story about a Blue Jay that nested on a pair of our C-C skis. We did the same as you, took photos as the birds grew. It was fun. I love the face on the last little guy!

  4. Aww baby birds! All of ours around the house have died. :( I am glad at least one of yours lived!

  5. That is sad about the mean ol' cow bird this year. I am SO glad you got pictures last year! Thanks for posting!