Friday, June 15, 2012

Mom's Log Cabin Quilt

 Is your closet stuffed with half-finished quilts, unraveling knitting projects, pieces of Christmas crafts, not-yet started gifts or just something cute that was on sale? This year I have pledged to use them up, finish them or get rid of them. Not my stash entirely, just the extra bags I constantly shuffle around and say "What is this?" Freshly motivated by this thought, I ignored my own closet and poked around in my Mom's and found a small quilt top that needed one more row of blocks and it would be the perfect wall-hanging. My Mom was thrilled that I would finish this and I was excited to work on a project that I haven't been shuffling around for four years. I think this in an idea we should all work with, I will finish your stuff and you finish mine, after all its like starting a new project, all the excitement and thrill, only it is finished sooner and we are a little more organized!

 As you can see I love to hand quilt while watching a musical or something where I can listen more than watch. This quilt was entertained by Andy Griffith and Mary Tyler Moore, Doris Day, Perry Mason, Gilligan and the Crew. It took me about six weeks to complete the quilting and now my quilting finger has re-developed its callous so I need to find something else to quilt soon before it disappears.  And in case you were wondering, the safety pins are the preferred method of a no-sew basting, take them out as you go to smooth out wrinkles and admire your handiwork! I truly believe all quilts should have a fabulous backing, just in case you want to flip it over for a comforter look and admire the texture of the stitches. Or in this case, this quilt will hang on the wall and just have a splendid secret.

 And the confession is: I did not do a good job of matching the last row, if you look closely the top pieces are thinner, but hey its finished!


  1. It is beautiful! I am sure no one will notice the top row. And Mom is so excited about it!!

  2. That is just a gorgeous piece of work!! Your wall will be so happy.

  3. Thanks ladies! It's always nice to do something for Mom, she was the one who arranged the colors anyway.

  4. Wow, that is beautiful! Great Job!