Monday, June 25, 2012

Goal Jars!

This past week I finally got around to this fun project I found on pinterest.  Goal jars are a fun way to track how much progress you have made and how much more work is needed.  I first found this idea through Hot Mess Princess and apparently many people have followed her lead so if you want to see more ideas look at her Motivational Marbles page

To do this I went to Hobby Lobby and found some fun jars.  I was excited to see that they are food safe so when I reach my goals I can move them into the kitchen or keep them in the craft room.  And two bags of rocks.  Total I sepent around $15 total on all my supplies.

My first goal jar is for the weight I would like to lose. 

My second goal jar is a bit more complex with smaller stones builing up to a larger stone.  As you can see that goal is going to take more time but I am excited to move the rocks over. 

I decided to go with one done jar so if I am making progress on one goal and not the other it still looks like progress is being made!

Here are some other fun ways to use the rock counters.
  • Days of school left until summer
  • Amount of money saved for a vaction
  • Paying off debt
  • Miles ran/Workouts completed before a prize
  • Days until next birthday
  • Days until Christmas!
  • Count down to the Olympics

Let us know if you make a goal jar!


  1. What a fun idea! It can be used for so many differnet things. Go K-Dee go!!

  2. I am thinking about the vacation one, go Hawaii go! I just got my travel guide to Kauai in the mail this beautiful

  3. I wonder if I should use a pint or quart or gallon jar for my weight goal jar. ;-)
    Sounds like fun, and I already have the polished glass stones...somewhere in the basement... Nice idea!

    1. I actually needed smaller jars than I anticipated. I would try out your rocks in a few different things to see the right size before buying your jars!