Monday, July 23, 2012

Baking with Dutch Processed Chocolate!

I love chocolate!  But chocolate does not always love me.  I have found that after eating yummy homemade chocolate cake I would get sick.  But then I found the most wonderful thing! 

Dutch Processed Cocoa

Dutch processed cocoa is powdered chocolate that is put through an alkali process that greatly reduces the acidity of the chocolate.  You cannot just exchange the normal cocoa powder with Dutch processed cocoa.  Most recipes count on the acid content in order to make everything work properly.  Later this week I will give you a fantastic recipe for a chocolate sheet cake that we love. 

So you might ask.  Where do I find this wonderful product? I went to my local World Market and found this box it was with the teas and drinking chocolate.  I have also seen some at my local grocery store and found it online.  If you look at most boxed chocolate cakes or brownie mixes you will notice in the ingredients list that it is made with Dutch processed cocoa. 

Let me know if you use Dutch processed cocoa and what you use it for. 


  1. I have never noticed about the chocolate. That's interesting. And now, of course, I will be noticing!

    1. The funny thing is that with the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mixes the smaller bag has a sash across the front that says made with real Dutch cocoa. But if you look at the family size it is the same exact ingredients. Just look to see if it says alkali in parenthesis when talking about the cocoa in it.

  2. That is very interesting K-Dee, we will have to see if we can find it here.

  3. I just bought some last month! I think it has a richer flavor in baked goods. It certainly make wonderful brownies! I will have to keep in mind to watch which leavening a recipe uses....
    We bought ours at Penzey Spices, in case anyone wants to know!