Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knit Your Bit!

Happy 4th of July!!

Today we are kicking off our first knit-a-long!  Join with us to Knit Your Bit!

What is Knit Your Bit?

During WWI and WWII the American Red Cross encouraged women and men on the Home Front to join the Production Corps and create warm kitted items for the troops.  This not only helped keep the soldiers supplied with the items they needed it also gave them a piece of home on the battlefield.

Since 2006 the National WWII Museum located in New Orleans has carried on this tradition with their Knit Your Bit program. 

How do I get involved?

This is the easy part.  Simply find a nice yarn that you think would make a lovely scarf.  Remember these will be distributed to men and women veterans so make it unisex.  Any scarf pattern will work but if you want to check out their suggestions they have six patterns to choose from. (Most patterns are also available for crochet)

When you have finished your scarf follow the simple shipping directions found on the How To Participate page.

Leave us a comment when you join or Knit-a-long and tell us what you are knitting up. 
If you're on Ravelry join our group and post pictures of your creation. 

So grab your needles and yarn and lets cast on!


  1. What a great post! So I checked out the patterns. I may stick with the K2P2. :-) I could actually do that while watching a movie, or while enduring the 9 hour drive to visit Henry (oh yeah, and his parents). :-)

    Have a great Fourth. Love the vintage, WWII era photos.

  2. Yey!! I am ready to knit! My favorite pattern is the V is for Victory Scarf. It looks so vintage! Maybe that is what I should knit today....

    Love the post!

  3. Oh this is so fabulous!! Thanks for posting, I might wait just a bit until it cools off, I don't feel like cuddling up with yarn when temps are over 100....

  4. Oh it sounds fun! K-dee I think I will go hunt up some yarn.