Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting started on your Family Tree - Part 1

Do you know your grandparents or great-grandparents?
Do you want to get started researching your family history?
I am here to tell you how! I will be sharing pointers and tips on how to start researching your family tree in the next couple of weeks.

Great-great grandparents Anton and Antonia
   1. Start with the known and work back to the unknown.
 Start with yourself, your parents or grandparents and work back in time. Talk to relatives, listen to the family stories and look at any pictures they might have. They usually are a wealth of information! I love hearing Grandma tell stories of growing up and family stories that were passed down to her.
Also start hunting for those records you have around the house. You never know what you might have laying around!! Birth, death, marriage records or even Bible records and photo albums........ 

2. I would recommend you write all your information down in one place. 
Filling out a family group sheet or an ancestral chart, is a good way to know what info you have and don't have and it is easier to take with you places. You can also start a family tree online most of which are free if you sign up, I use Ancestry, but there is many out there for you to chose from! 

3.Don't forget to cite your sources! 
This is a very important thing to do for the genealogist! I learned the hard way! Even though as this point you probably just want to start researching, later on it will be important to know where you found out about Great-grandfather's accident or where it said he immigrated in 1912. If Auntie told you the birth dates of all her sibling, make a note! You should write down the person you got the information from, the date and place of interview.

So now you know what information you have and what you need to start looking for! 

Aunt Mary, Aunt Annie, Uncle Frank, Aunt Stella and Great-grandma Anna  

Good luck and happy genealogy hunting! 

Part 2 - Where to Start Searching!



  1. Yey! So excited to see the rest of the series. That bottom picture is so cute!

    1. It is a cute picture! Thanks for helping.

  2. Oh Mandy! It is so good to be reminded of the basics. I am so excited I think I have a bit more cleaning/collecting and I will be ready to hit the photos! When you visit hopefully I will have some progress and be ready to share :)

    1. Yea! keep it up K-Dee! Yes can't wait to see what you have done and to help you!

  3. Replies
    1. Your welcome! Carla, I hope it helps you! If you have any questions or need some help, just ask! I love helping people getting start with there family tree!

  4. Thanks for making it look and sounds so easy, just thinking about it sounds so intimidating. But I suppose anything I remember or write down is good, always seemed like such a big job. Thanks fo connecting the dots in my brain!

  5. yes it is a never ending hobby, and it can be a bit intimidating! But it is a challenge and a puzzle, that is why I like it, never know what you are going to find out.