Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Bit of Decorating

We are all busy in different directions this week, so I apologize in advance if our posting schedule is a little screwy. That being said, it looks like today I am left holding the bag and need to conjure up a post. 
Well enough of that! Let's talk about something interesting! A little decorating, perhaps?
The easiest way to perk up a room is to change thing about or add a bit of color and one of the nicest ways to add color is to pick/buy a bouquet of flowers.! Don't you agree? Nothing is more cheerful.
 So my little decorating tip for today is-add a small glass plate under the vase! Especially if you have a plain vase, it adds an extra touch! It would even give a canning jar a lift. We also like to put glass saucers under our potted plants, it makes a much nicer drip catcher then a bit of plastic. This idea first came to us when we couldn't part with a few random mismatched saucers our Grandma had given us. They were just too pretty! So we decided to make them useful. Anyone have more ideas for making odd glass plates useful? I would love to hear! Now that I have an excuse for buying them, I might end up with quite the collection!

These are peonies from our garden this spring.


  1. Those are SO beautiful! I need to pick some rudbeckia and bring them indoors. they've taken over my flower garden. :-(

  2. Oh Heide thanks for the idea, the flowers are so gorgeous they look artificial!