Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Acorn Season

When we go for our walks this time of year, we crunch through masses of acorns. In honor of the season I made Acorn Cookies!
 I used our Favorite Sugar Cookie recipe, with chocolate butter cream frosting. K-Dee, I used Dutch processed cocoa in the frosting. It came out so yummy!
I used a new acorn cookie cutter, which makes the Perfect sized cookie! About two bites worth! The acorns in the park are mostly the "hairy" cap kind, so that is the look I was trying for. They came out really cute.
 My "smooth" cap acorn look. I piped the frosting on using my vintage cake decorating set. My arm got a bit tired of making hairy caps......
 I love them scattered all over the table, just like they have fallen off a tree! The saying goes, "the more acorns there are on the ground, the harder the winter we will have". I wonder if we have more acorns this is hard to tell.......


  1. So cute! They look very tasty. : ) I have put that cookie recipe on my "to bake" list!

  2. Those acorns are TOO MUCH!! Oh my goodness, what an adorable cookie idea. The seem healthier somehow when its in an acorn shape or something organic like that.