Friday, September 14, 2012

Decoupage Collage

Decoupaging does not take a lot of thought or planning, just wandering about the house finding things to add. I had so much fun I had to make two!

Starting with a canvas covered board that I got at a craft store, I decoupaged on a piece of light blue mulberry paper for coor and texture. In my scrapbooking supplies I found a sweet old-fashined lady who looked like she enjoyed birds.

What really inspired me to begin this was my collection of bird fabric that will someday become a quilt. After I cut out the birds I felt the collage was still lacking something......
Well a tree of course! I painted that on with some acrylic paint from the crafting stash.
After arranging and re-arranging I decoupaged the birds and papers on, I think about four coats of the glue, letting them dry at least 2 hours between each coat. Instructions are on the bottle.
I dug around in the Christmas wrapping supplies for ribbon which I combined to use for hanging the art. I tried to fasten the ribbon on with the staple gun but it was out of staples. Then my husband pointed out that I would have stapled the art to the table..Saved from a a crisis!
I did miss one step in the pictures and that was when I painted words in a translucent silver paint, one picture says Pretty Birds, the other says Love and has an X for a kiss of course.

Can't you just hear the birds chirping?


  1. I love how they turned out sister! It was so fun figuring out where to hang them. I love the look of the ribbon on them. Such a nice touch.

    1. Thanks! I really didn't have an idea of what they would look like until they were done, not usually my method. Thanks for help in hanging them, now we need to decorate the guest room.

  2. Oh so pretty! Some how I missed this post when it came out! I really like the texture :)