Monday, September 24, 2012

Help! I need somebody!

Sometimes when working on a project you just need a little help.  Here is a list of some great places to get that extra little umph to make your project great!

Web tutorials

Need to make some bias tape? Check out Stop Staring and Start Sewing's wonderful tutorial!

Need to convert a measurement or double a recipe?  I use WolframAlpha for all things math!

Getting lost on how to bind your quilt?  Pop over to Heather Bailey's instructions

Video Tutorials

Starting to knit? Here are a few of my favorite videos to get started!

Longtail Cast-on  -- This has very clear instructions

Longtail Cast on  -- This second one has some extra helpful tips!

English Style Knit Stitch vs Continental Style Knit Stitch

Knit Stitch Continental -For Beginners

These are just a few of the many tutorials out there. What are some of your favorites?


  1. Great! I am sure those vidoes will come in handy for new knitters. Now I know where to direct them!!

    Thanks K-Dee!

  2. Now I have something else to do when I get stuck, besides calling the sisters and saying HELP!! What a nifty list to have. :-)