Friday, September 21, 2012

The Never Ending Baby Blanket!

 It seemed like I was knitting this baby blanket forever! 
Now it is finished! Now I can start on another project !  

In this picture I took it with mom's little rocking chair that she had when she was little, isn't it so cute? We used to rock our baby dolls when we were little in it too! 

The pattern is from a book called 99 Yarns and Counting, by Green Mountain Spinnery. Pattern is Evening Shadows Afghan 
A close up of the blanket. It looks like it is woven!


  1. That really is gorgeous, I love how the yarn colors look in that pattern. Yay for a finished project!

    1. Yes it is very pretty! I am excited that it's done!

  2. Is it single knitting or double knitting?

  3. It is single knitting. You work the blanket back and forth knitting one row of triangles at a time.