Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rice Crispie Cake

We have a fetish for rice crispies in my family, they are eaten before they get a chance to be poured in the pan or even before they firm up. When my husband came up with this idea to make a rice crispie cake for my parents anniversary surprise, I was skeptical. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
We started by pressing the crispies into two round cake pans, we needed to make a double batch to fill them both. Then we chased each other out of the kitchen to let them form.
Then I suggested we try using marshmallow cream for the filling and icing, it seemed to go so well.

Until we started topping the cake....
You can see the marshmallow is not as thick as I imagined and started sliding off, we even put it in the fridge overnight. Next time we might try adding a little cornstarch or powdered sugar to firm it up.
It was a big surprise when Mom tried to cut into the cake. At first she thought it was a prank and we had frosted cardboard, but then we explained the cake was gluten-free and might have gotten a little over-baked. In the end it was a success and there was none leftover.


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  1. Ha! What a fun idea. And someone (:-) knit your husband a gorgeous sweater!!!