Friday, March 29, 2013

Robin's Egg Blue

I discovered Berroco Vintage Yarn, it is washable with a blend of acrylic, wool and nylon. I love the softness of all Berroco's yarn and finding a washable one was exciting. I couldn't choose between the lighter or the darker shade, so I took both and knit an infinity scarf in stripes with the Robin's Egg Blue or # 5194. The number doesn't do much for me, think of the catastrophe if they simple numbered all the crayons... no more cerulean, turquoise, azure or robin's egg blue. With Spring in the air and a new scarf around my neck it has inspired me to find Robin's Egg Blue items, cookies and pillowcases, eating candy and maybe a little coloring.


This also reminded me of a Shirley Temple movie I saw when I was little about a brother and sister trying to find happiness when they discover its in their own backyard all along. With a cookie, crayons and jellybeans how could I not be happy?

I couldn't get a picture to appear but the link works, I believe you can watch this entire movie on youtube, but I have just included the credits so you can hear the sweet music and see the lovely drawings.

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