Friday, March 29, 2013

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

 What is Easter with out colored eggs? Even though we don't usually color eggs every year, we don't let too much time lapse between colorings. To add a bit of interest last year, we tried tie-dying the eggs!
 It is actually a very simple technique. Perhaps a little messier then normal dying, but not too much. All you need is paper towels, rubber bands and egg dye. Wrap the paper towels around the egg, bunching and wrinkling the towel. Use the rubber bands to hold in place.
 As you can see there are many many ways to wrap the paper towel. Once the towel is secure to your liking, place the egg in a dish and pour spoonfuls of dye on it. The paper towel keeps the dye on the shell so it has a chance to color the egg. Wait until the paper towel is mostly dry or completely dry, depending on your patience and what affect you want.
 There are endless possibilities to tie-dying. Use one color.... two or three........ or all of them! Dye your egg first or leave it white.

Happy Easter!!


  1. What? Of COURSE we color eggs every year! Love the tie dye, they are amazing...

  2. Last year I used men's silk ties to wrap the eggs in and then boil (or something). It was really cool and they turned out great. The uglier the tie, the better.

    1. What an interesting idea! Sounds less messy! Lol!