Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Custom Tee Shirts

 What are we cooking today? Make your own custom shirt! This is such a simple method, it has endless possibilities!
1. Writing
Write your quote or saying on your shirt with Elmer's Washable School Glue Gel (it must be gel and it must be blue). You will want to place paper or plastic inside the shirt to prevent bleeding through. Let your shirt dry completely. If you want something on the back; after it is dry flip it over and repeat.
2. Dying
You will want to find a space that will be easy to clean and near a water source, like the bathtub! Fill a large container with water and add your dye. Because tee shirts are such a small amount of cloth and I didn't want to measure, I just emptied a half bottle of liquid dye in the pot. I usually use RIT Dye, but Becky swears by Tulip Dye. For darker colors just let soak longer or add a little more dye. Do remember that some of the dye will wash out with rinsing.
Wet your shirt completely by submerging in another container. I didn't do this step with one shirt (just held under the faucet) which didn't wet thoroughly and the shirt came out with a mottled effect. Which is very cool! But if you don't want that effect, be forewarned. After your shirt is wet, gently put into dye bath making sure it is completely submerged. You can leave it in as long as you want, lifting it out to check the color occasionally.

3. Rinsing
A very important part. Rinse until the water is mostly clear; four to five times. A container to submerge the shirt in is helpful. I then laid out the shirts on plastic bags to dry. Before wearing, I threw the shirts in the washer as there was a bit of glue left in them and to get any leftover dye out. Adding a bit of vinegar to the wash helps too.
*Please note: Wash separetly the first couple of times, as the dye still bleeds.

4. Wear!
This project was inspired by a post on Ucreate

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  1. This will be so much fun to do with my kids this summer! Cool!