Friday, May 18, 2012

Linen Market Bag Part 1

 This is the next knitting project I started. A linen market bag for my sister. She had bought the yarn awhile ago and tried to knit one, but didn't like it. 

So I decided to try knitting one for her. I think it is more fun to knit for someone else! 

She got three different colors of yarn, I think they were on sale. I thought  I would knit it in strips. 

I have ripped it out a couple of times, but now I think I have got the pattern down now! I like it! I was hoping I could make another bag out of the yarn too!   

Pattern from:
Knitting 24/7: 30 Projects to Knit, Wear, and Enjoy, On the Go and Around the Clock. 
Needle size: 5 
I am using a long circular needle. I just used the magic loop method for the beginning.     
Yarn: is MaggiKnits Maggi Linen
52% cotton 48% linen 

If you want to see more about it check out my ravelry account.


  1. Oh Mandy! I really like it! Will it expand as you fill it up or is the yarn not to stretchy?

    1. Oh yes K-dee! the pattern is stretchy the yarn not so much.When it is done I think it will hold a lot.

  2. It is so nice! I hope you'll post the finished pictures!

  3. Thank you Jennifer,
    yes I will post more pictures when I finish it.

  4. Great!! I can't wait when its done, then its off to the Farmer's Market.

  5. Oh yes, sounds fun! glad you like it !