Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Berry Cookies

The minute I saw these cookie cutters in the King Arthur Flour catalog, I fell in love. I love all things fruit. And blueberries and strawberries are my favorites!!
Of course, I then had to try them out! I used our Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe.
 The only problem- I can't have food dye. I usually just frost my cookies in plain white frosting or chocolate. But the berries were too cute to just frost white! So I did a little research and a little thinking and decided to try using natural coloring.
For the Blueberry I used a couple of teaspoons of blueberry jam and for the Strawberry I used cherry juice. I suppose I could of made it a bit darker, but I was afraid of messing up the frosting. I tried out King Arthur's Flour Simple Cookie Glaze, which I liked very much. But the consistency has to be just right and I didn't feel like there was a lot of play room. All in all, I would say they are a success! I would like to play with the colorings a bit more, using a frosting recipe I know, and see if I can get different shades.


  1. You are making me hungry! I love the idea of natural food colorings, let me know if you discover more!