Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Style Magazine

I usually don't buy magazines, but as a treat I picked one up last week. We were in a book shop, it was too tempting! I have enjoyed browsing through it so much. First off the cover really caught my eye as the curtains are made of vintage handkerchiefs! Which I was thought was a ingenious idea.
I few peaks at what is inside. I loved this article about the mason jar. So many uses!
Inside there is lots of decorating ideas and gardening tips. A wedding- vintage style! Kitchen make overs, ideas on how to use vintage fabric, flea market finds and crafty/decorating ideas. So inspiring!


  1. Oh, I'm pretty sure I would love this magazine! Did the Mason article mention that the inventor of the jar, John Landis Mason, died a pauper because most of the mason-type jars were made by other companies after his patent expired (like Ball, for example I think?). Isn't that sad! :-( And we know the Ball people didn't die paupers cuz we've been to Muncie, IN, the home of Ball State and have seen those homes.

    1. Very interesting, didn't know that about Mason.

  2. Wow, a fun magazine. Thanks for sharing.