Friday, December 14, 2012

...Happily Ever After

These are Evelyn's shoes that were made just for her, fit for a princess! Here is a picture of her all spruced up and fresh out of the box. The doll doctor told me all about Evelyn, she is a 1930's American made composition doll. Since she was that old her paint contained lead so she was coated by the doctor to seal that in.
Some info from the doctor-
 "During WWI, German goods were embargoed to the U.S. Most dolls were made in Germany. British and American manufacturers scrambled to come up with substitutes. Composition had been used for doll bodies for a long time, but very few whole dolls were made of compo. This started during that time. Usually head and hands were composition, and the body was cloth. This was the start of the American doll manufacturing industry. After the war, bisque-head German dolls were available once again, and were popular through the twenties, but American-made composition dolls were cheaper and less breakable, and mothers liked that."
Evelyn's box stuffed with good things...
 Two new dresses for the dolly plus the pattern so I can make more!

What a sweet face, can you blame me for falling in love?


  1. Oh Becky, She is so cute!
    I didn't know she came with all that stuff.
    That will be fun making clothes for her!

    1. It will be fun to make clothes for her! She did come with a bag of loot, it was pretty exciting.

  2. She is just so cute! I can't beleive how lovely she looks! No wonder you fell in love, I probably would not have been able to leave the estate sale with out her either.

    1. I was probably influenced by you subconciously!