Friday, December 21, 2012

Make A Christmas Wreath

I saw a fabulous idea at the craft store and have been slowly collecting pieces here and there to make these wreaths. I didn't want to spend six dollars for each grapevine circle so I went to the dollar store and found wicker wreaths, they only cost a dollar each of course. I waited for a buy-one get-one free sale at the craft store to get the greenery and dug through the clearance basket to get ribbon for fifty cents. I put off making these wreaths until almost the last minute, I was sure they were going to be time consuming and difficult... To make six of them it took me less than 2 hours. They really are easy!

I love this idea of decorating chairs in the dining room, because the only other place to really decorate is a centerpiece on the table which tends to interfere with the food. Just think, you could make a wreath for any holiday, just be creative!

First, I cut the greenery into desireable pieces and wove in the berries, then hot glued them in place.
Next, I wrapped sheer gold ribbon around the wreath, it was a wide ribbon and covered too much greenery so I simply folded it in half as I wrapped, and listened to Christmas carols of course.
Then, I cut red satin ribbon and sheer sparkly ribbon into even lengths to be the ties for the chairs.

Now we are all ready fo a Christmas feast!


  1. I love the idea of wreaths on the dining chairs! Great job. :-)

  2. Theyre beautiful! What a nice touch.

  3. Oh it is so pretty! With the snow outside you are all ready for Chistmas!

  4. Lovely! I love your choice of greenery. Next year I think I need that kind.
    I probably should be looking for it now.... the best time to get it on sale!