Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hold onto your hats-Its a Gingerbread House Contest!

Yes indeed! We decided to create gingerbread houses and enter the King Arthur Flour Gingerbread Contest.  You can see the other entrants to the contest on Pintrest. We haven't made them in years, I forgot how much work they were!
 "No. 4 Gumdrop Lane"
 This is Mandy's creation where she went crazy with gumdrops. Flattened gumdrops for the path........
.......... rolled gumdrops for shingles
 .........even gumdrops on the chimney (which are actually Dot candies rolled into sugar, because we ran out of red and green gumdrops!)
And gumdrop trees! These are leftover rolled gumdrops shaped into cones.

 And this is "Peppermint Cottage", my little creation.
 I stuck with a classic look, frosting and peppermints!

A few notes on gingerbread construction- we used our favorite gingerbread recipe rolled extra thick. For glue and decorating royal frosting made in different consistencies.

There is still time to join the fun!, the contest doesn't end until Dec 31!


  1. Beautiful job! I hope you win. : )

  2. I love how they turned out! Fabulous job! Merry Christmas! Amber

  3. Oh goodness I don't know which house is my favorite! They are so adorable, can't believe how creative you got with the gumdrops and the icing on the peppermint cottage roof. So much fun I hope you win!!