Monday, December 3, 2012

Kate's Quilt

I found these fabrics bundles on clearance, already matched up and ready to be a quilt. I love clearance shopping don't you? The brightness and contrasts immediately brought to mind my sister-in-law Kate, and what a good time to make her a quilt as she graduates this year.
My sister came for the weekend and helped me cut and piece the whole thing, because I have found that you need to piece a quilt all together in a few days. That way you don't lose motivation and also when the quilt pieces are put away and then brought back out, they just don't go together the same way again. Don't ask me how that works, I just know now that you have to do it ASAP!
So thanks to my sister, another sister can be warm and happy this winter! We stayed up into the wee small hours getting it finished, but it was worth it.
The pattern was a little difficult with some odd shaped pieces, its always nice to have a patient sister on hand. The pattern was from Better Homes and Garden's American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2008 issue #90 Windy By the Lake.
I love the texture of a quilt when its hand-quilted and then washed & dried. It gets little "rumply" as Mom says. 
And don't you love the fun paisley backing I chose? I think  a quilt is nice when you can reverse it for a comforter as well.
Here's a link to a great website that has a tool where you can look up quilt stores as you travel. It's how I discovered Neff's Country Loft in Ohio.


  1. Becky, the pictures came out nice! We did have fun with it didn't we? Will will have to do it again sometime!

    1. Yes we did have fun! A HUGE thank you to you. I don't think fun was what you were thinking at 1am though. :-) I dohave a flannel quilt that needs piecing..

  2. oh yes I do think I need to come up and have another craft day with you.