Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Little Seedy

 These are two of my very favorite flowers, marigolds and calendula (or pot marigold...because they grow so well in pots?) They are very hardy and will grow in almost any soil or weather, they keep their color when dried and I do like the strong scent. But I think I really love them for their fascinating seeds and the fun of saving them every year.
Aren't the seeds an interesting shape and texture? I always imagined they were tiny paintbrushes.
It is very important to save seeds and preserve the varieties we have. When I was a little girl I planted Hawaiian Marigolds for a few years, one year I didn't get around to saving the seeds and I have never been able to find them since. The plants grew three feet tall and the flowers heads were quite large. If you ever see this variety please let me know!!

  When you are gathering seeds make sure the flower heads are completely brown and dry. If they are still green the seeds aren't done growing and you might not have any flowers the next year. Then very gently break the seeds off the head, or like with marigolds just pull them out of their case. They come pre-packaged!
I like to put the seeds in a bowl for a week or two and make sure they are dry before storing them in a bag or paper envelope with the date on it. Isn't it amazing how each seed can be so different?
 Check out these links: Read up more about saving seeds and get some tips. A WONDERFUL place to visit online and in person. They have articles on the importance of seed saving and GMO info.


  1. Hi Becky,
    We were at Seedsavers with A&B a couple weekends ago. I loved it there!! I will keep my eyes open for Hawaiian Marigolds. Hope you guys are well. Enjoyed your post. :-)

  2. Me again, Heide. I just saw online that someone had purchased their Hawaiian Marigolds from Baker Creek. (That's a link to that particular plant.) I don't know if it's the one you liked or not, but it is named 'Hawaiian Marigold.'

    1. Thank you Judy for the info, I will certainly check it out!! Glad you liked the post, I think I was inspired by your trip as I heard about it from A&B. ;-)