Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweater Update #1

Here is a quick update on The Great Sweater Knit-A-Long! We all got off to a slow start as our gauge was not turning out right. Other then having to swatch and check gauge at lest five times, we all had a great time!!
 Even though Joy didn't join us in our sweater knit-a-long, she did join in the knitting.Her project was a simple scarf knit up with a scrumptious Misti Alpaca yarn. It is now finished! Yey!
 Mandy's sweater is coming right along. Lovely red color!
 K-Dee had a few false starts but is now on the right track!
Don't be distracted by the orange edging on Heide's cardigan! This is a provisional cast on and will be removed before finishing.

We all had a wonderful knitting weekend in front of the fireplace with the New Mexico mountains for a back drop. What could be more perfect!


  1. Way to go girls!! I have to get photos up of my sweater, which I am hoping won't be too small....SO excited that we are all doing this together!!

    1. Yes, we want to see pictures of it!