Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Office love!

Decorating my office in the library has been a work in progress.  I have painted my walls a lovely green color but it just needed a personal touch.  I bought three white frames from k-mart back a few years ago but had never got around to filling them up and hanging them.  But with a little help from my sister this project only took about three hours.

Joy loves to take pictures and by that I mean we have filled up an 8g card in one weekend and had to keep deleting photos to take more.   So needless to stay the majority of my time was spent weeding through pictures and picking the best ones. 

To print the photos we used Nations Photo Lab the wonderful online site that allows you to print photos if you are a professional or not.  My favorite is the metallic finish that makes your pictures sparkle. And they have many different sizes so you can definitely get whatever you need.

(Full disclosure: Nations Photo Lab did not pay us or give us anything free to promote their services.  All we have received from them are quality prints every time we use their services.) 

Then once our pictures came in the mail it was time to pick and place the photos!

Ta-Done!  Finished project with Kip and Izzy's help.

I think they look pretty snazzy on my shoebox wall!


  1. Oh Kdee you finish them and they look so pretty on your wall!

  2. Wow it looks fabulous!! I love the color of the walls too, and that cool lamp and the bookshelves..... Good job!

  3. They do look snazzy!! I love the color of your walls.

  4. Very nice!! And I love, LOVE the color of the walls!