Monday, October 29, 2012

Coming Unraveled...

This is a sweater I knit for a my husband as a Christmas surprise, it was my first at doing cables and my gauge was completely off but he wouldn't let me unravel it. He was very grateful for such a handmade gift and walked around looking like a stuffed sausage.  I hid the sweater away and when he safely out of the country for a while I quickly re-knit this sweater using a Dutchman's cabling technique, which is more just texture knitting than cabling.
It happily fits but I noticed over the last few years the neck began to stretch out until it was a very trendy ballet neck and hindered my husbands eating, drinking and basic conversations. This time the unraveling and re-knitting was quickly done in a day while he was at work.
So there it sits, looking so peaceful while I wonder what next, but also am grateful that knitting is such a forgiving past time.

Here is a link to the Dutchman's Cabling book I used, it has fascinating pictures from the 1800's. Too bad it is out of print, but its so nice to have places like amazon.


  1. Yey! I am so glad you got that done! It loooks so much better.

  2. Wow! That looks wonderful. I love the Dutchman's Cabling. I knit my fiance a sweater for Christmas last year, and it ended up being too big. My sister suggested felting the sweater a bit in the washer, as it was 100% wool. That helped a lot. : )

    1. Thanks Sarah, you were very brave to felt a sweater. I am always afraid it will shrink too much and then you can't even unravel and start over. I do love the simplicity of the Dutchman's cabling, it looks like you a put a lot of work into it! lol

  3. I like you post Becky, the sweater looks so nice and cozy!

  4. I'm so glad you ladies liked the post, I was hoping it would be an encouragement to fix those sweaters problem, they really aren't as hard as they look!