Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reviving a Pair of Favorite Shoes

 My poor brown flats. Aren't they sad? The lining was coming out, the innersole was coming out, my feet stuck to them and I had to shove everything back in when I took my shoes off. But I was not ready to give up on them!! The outsides are still in great shape and they are my favorites! There had to be something I could do.....
 So I set out to put new lining in them!
First I took out the sad old linings, cutting the stitching around the labels to get them out. They look even sadder out of the shoes......
 From my fabric stash I found a pretty calico that went with the brown. I pinned the old lining to the fabric and cut new ones.
  Before gluing, I test fit the lining to make sure it was the right size. Just a little off the top, then it will be perfect!
I thought very hard about what glue to use, but in the end I was too lazy to go to the store and just ended up using Elmer's Craft Glue.
I used a generous amount of glue and spread it out evenly with my finger.
Starting at the heel edge, I smoothed the fabric onto the sole with my fingers, working my way up to the toes. Since the toe portion of the inner soles were already coming out, I popped it out to be able to work better. Once I had the lining smooth, I pushed the sole back in and made sure there wasn't any new wrinkles.
 Isn't the new fabric much more fun!  Now I just need to do the left shoe and let them dry for a few hours.
All ready to go stepping!!
I can't believe how good they look! Almost like getting a new pair.
Wasn't that easy? Start to finish it took me only 20 minutes. Do you have favorite pair of shoes that need to be revived?


  1. What a great idea! The fabric you chose looks perfect with the shoes.

  2. This is a really a great idea, I wonder if you wanted to add an extra layer of cushioning...They turned out great, I am tempted to do that to new shoes just to make them look prettier!!